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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by shawns, Apr 13, 2005.

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    Im am graduating from college next month and have decided to start a lawn service business with my brother back home. There are already a ton of lawn service companies in the area, but I don't see why advertising won't get us some business.

    To start, we are offering a new type of garge floor sealing, which can also be applied to walls and whatever else, but the sealing part is made to look like granite and it is stain resistant and durable. That alone could be a good part-time thing this summer.

    But to expand that, we also want to add a lawn service and power washing service. We don't have equipment but are thinking of getting a small business loan to buy it.

    This is something I want to bust my butt for and think I can get accomplished. The business is involving me, my brother and our friend. We already have some leads on clients and will be putting out flyers next week. Should we go door to door?

    Is this a good idea to get into it now, being that it;s already mid-april? The thing is, I am kind of nervous about it, but think i can grow this business over the next few years into something good. We have already registered the business and are looking into applying for a loan next week. Any thoughts? or ideas of what i should do and what i should look out for?

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    Some guys think that you need to do a little of everything in order to run a good business. I disagree. Focus on doing one thing. Do it well and do it often.

    Of the things that you mentioned, which one has the potential to generate the most income for you? And which one has the highest profit margins? Hopefully the two are the same but you need to pick the service that you think will be best.

    If you think that mowing is the one for you, here are some good recommendations.

    Don't get a small business loan - you don't need one.
    Find a small property and service it. Use their equipment if you have to or you could use the equipment that you use at your own house. Repeat this until you have enough money to buy a commercial 21" mower and the appropriate hand tools. Once your schedule is full or close to it, purchase a 36" mower and do the properties a little faster. You should have the cash for this as well. Upgrade your equipment as needed and hire employees as necessary. The last thing that you need right now is a loan without a way to pay it off.

    Don't do a partnership - even with your brother.
    A partnership will work great sometimes but mostly they don't. It would be better for you to each take a field and refer work to one another.

    Know what your price is.
    When you know this you can put out an ad that says "Powerwashing. $X per 1000 sq. ft." People just want to know the price. They don't want a free estimate. When you get to the property, you can do your service and then make other recomendations to them if you want.

    Other than yesterday, today is the best time to start.
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    that is one of the most helpful threads i think ive read ....
  4. Tider6972

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    PTP, that is the best "How To" formula I've ever heard of ! Excellent advice to all !

    I'll be listening for more from you !
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    Partnership= bad idea and there are talks about bringing a frined into this too? You can do it alone which is what I suggest you do and once you need help...hire workers for you.
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    Like PTP said, why dont all of you guys pick 1 out of the 3 and then refer work to one another. You could also place bets on which one will fail, like friends usually do!

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