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    Anyone ever used "feature" water soluble micronutrients form uap. Talked to a salesman today about em. Going to be all bermuda grass. He said a lot of golf greens get just the micro's and no extra nitrogen.
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    That is a salesman talking. I just returned from a seminar talking about fertilization, and they talked about micro-nutrients. This seminar was about cool season grasses but we touched on warm season a little bit. The presenter, who works for the state extension service and has a Doctorate in turf said, micro-nutrient deficiencies are extremely rare. A lot more grass has been killed by over applying micro-nutrients than by not having enough. He basically said in our state you can pretty much forget about the micro-nutrients and worry about the big three, N, P & K. Your area may be different but I certainly wouldn't take a sales mans word for it.

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    no PHD but we use micro-nutrients in our lawn mix and have never killed a yard with them.And have done jobs with out them and i think it makes a difference in the way the lawn looks And know i would not take a sales mans word either find out for your self if you want to.
    Charles cue
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    I oftem wonder when i put down Fe wih fert does it really look better, or do i want to think it looks better because i put down iron? Is there any side by side research done?
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    Yes, I have seen the plots and iron will make the grass look darker. It does this by staining the plant internally the iron is actually rusting which causes the darker tint. I have seen pictures under a microscope depicting this. The problem is in high PH soils the iron gets bound up in the soil and doesn't do any thing.
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    Mike, I saw in another thread that you have very high pH levels... over 7.5, something like 7.8, if memory serves? That was an Fe discussion too. Don't you try to manage that pH down to 7.0 or lower, or is it just not possible?

    I do all I can to talk people into soil tests. If they take a pass on it, I do try to put down some manganese and iron, if only in small amounts, just to cover my bases. In my area, if anything, we have to bring pH up. That leads to guys that just throw down lime without a pH test! I haven't limed my lawn in a year+, and it's still at 6.8.

    I have seen iron green a lawn up, and I think it's a easy way to please customers that want green lawns before anyone else on the block. It gives that Scotts step one greenup without the top growth, at least in the native soil here. Then I can use 50% scu and not get any complaints.
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    Yes, our soils are naturally high in PH. We are sitting on the Niagara Escarpment which is a lot of limestone. I have talked to the professors at the University about lowering the PH and they said it is not worth it. I could try but I would probably only lower it a few tenth and if I would stop it would go right back up. The lawns actually look pretty good if watered properly. I have taken plenty of soil samples and they are all similar. Adequate P and usually enough K with PH levels usually higher than 7.5. I did use chelated iron on several lawns last year with pretty good results. I may do more this year.
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    In highly buffered soils that's been my experience too. It almost takes an act of god to effect the pH and in my experience you have to be careful with sulfur on turf. I use a much lower rate than I do in mulched areas.

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    This guys sale pitch was use 1/2 to 3/4# urea nitrogen per 1000sq ft and 4 #s of feature per acre on my first round. Then all other fert. apps through year only use feature at 3#'s and maybe a 1/4 pound of nitrogen if even that. At this rate it would be only $27.00 bucks an acre to fert. with feature. BUT it was a salesman talking. I am scared to use such an aggressive micro package and such little nitrogen. I will prob. try this out on a very small piece of ground maybe 5000 sq ft on my property and see what happens.
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    I totally agree with you. As far as I know I don't see how the Micro's can replace the nitrogen. I would like to see the long term effects of this method.

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