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Febco RP problem


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I have a customer with an Febco 825y 3/4" RP problem. We've worked on it many times and it works fine when we leave and then dumps water again. It is located in a basement, it does have the catch basin and pipe leading to the floor drain so yes it does meet codes here. We have had a couple issues in the past where there was debris that damaged the rubber in the check valves. We replaced rubber seats, it works fine and then later on it dumps again. We have replaced all internal parts - check valves, springs, relief valve, etc. and it worked fine when we left. We also increased the pressure because it was set at only about 25-30 psi. Customer called again and said he was advancing thru the stations and it started dumping again and won't stop. Zones are fairly typical - 3-4 rotors per, and 6-8 sprays. GPM is probably no more than 10 per zone.

Any thoughts?


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Aztec, NM
My experience has been that the 825y is one of the best RP's ever made, but they are also the pickiest. By that I mean things have to be near perfect, or what you are describing happens. I NEVER rebuild an 825Y w/o installing a complete relief kit. 3 times out of 5, I may be charging the customer a LOT that isn't necessary, but if you go rubber only and have to replace the complete relief, you are left hung for the extra parts. You stated you already installed a complete relief kit, so, is the body damaged/warped in ANY way. Check the relief seat, diaphram bonnet, etc. The relief on an 825y doesn't hardly need an excuse to act up. If it works once you get it all back together (by that I mean it has run through all the possibilities to get screwed up), you A-OK, but..........

That's the best I can give, hope something in that rambling helps and makes sense.


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metro NYC
I've only seen 825Y headaches at higher pressures. I have one system with high velocity flow that could wind up in 'dumping loop' where the relief spits at about once a second. The cure was to open the test cocks and remove all the trapped air in the RP. It still would spit after the high-flow zone shut off, but no endless loop.