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Hi all, Am wondering if someone can tell me what it is that bugs me whilst cutting the grass. I dont want to do anything about it as there is probably nothing that I can do, but I just want to give a name to the pesky thing.

We have had a 'very' wet summer here in south eastern Ohio, usually the things that are still bugging me now are at their peak in June and disappear when it gets really hot and dry.
What happens is that I am tootling away with my Gravely Zero turn and all these bugs seem to hop up out of the grass and land on me. This probably wouldn't bother you guys much but I am a girl with girlie fears and I hate them!!
It gets worse when I go around corners more than anything, it's just like someone had thrown a bucket ful at me!! The main problem is that I cant stand to leave them on me, I have to knock them off so I spend most of my time stamping my feet to knock them off my legs and swatting with my hands on the rest of my body....My husbands says I look like I am doing sort sort of stupid new dance.....My mowing in a straight line has totally got south since all this has started, you try using a zero turn with one hand:D
On top of giving me the eebie-jeebies they fly fast, I mow fast (on the straight-aways) when they hit bare skin they really hurt, plus if I do manage to leave some on me (if I haven't seen em) they do eventually bite.

Went through a really bad patch yesterday and had to stop, turn off and jump off the mower to get them all off. Looked back at the mower and counted about forty of them staight off without even trying.
They are about the size of a lady bug though thinner and a bit longer, some of them look a bit like a dart or triangular shape in profile. Usually grey/black or brown wing covers. If you go near them with anything they seem to jump rarther than fly off.

I tend to get them more in longer/lushy grass but at the moment they are all over, again I attribute this to the wet summer.

can anyone help me identify what these are, just so as I can at least curse them out by name when I next cut the grass?

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