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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Barkleymut, Aug 21, 2002.

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    The drought here is soooo severe that unless we receive huge amounts of rain in the fall and winter there will be nothing to do come springtime except cut down dead trees. Farmers receive assistance (read free loans or grants) all the time to not grow crops or to help them get by in tough times. We all know that we got into a business (just like farmers) that requires some amount of rain to sustain. I'm at my mom's right now and watching the last leaves fall from the maples and poplar trees. The 30+ year oaks are still surviving but it is only a matter of time before they and the pine trees are dead. It is only going to get worse before it gets better. By the way a HUGE nuclear power plant nearby is about to be shut down because the cooling lake is too low.

    I've never been one for a handout but when my business which I have put every dollar and every ounce of sweat into has been threatened with something beyond my control then we need to act.

    So I propose this. Anyone who has owned a lawncare/landscaping buisness for over 1 year and has operated legally (paying federal and state taxes) in the severe drought areas is due some consideration for federal relief. I don't know how much or how we should be compensated but maybe a percentage of profits or revenue.

    My wife, child, fetus, and I depend 100% on my income and hope to grow rich someday. LOL. For now I'm just hoping my monthly customers don't bail on me, but if they do I certainly wouldn't blame them.

    Any comments or suggestions, especially from previous farmers would be appreciated. Also I would like to know the names of whom we should contact to initiate some sort of process to be considered for relief.

    Hope for rain in the meantime!
  2. I could go on for hours/pages-but would'nt solve anything

    Easy answer - nobody eats our product

    who else deserves help

    seed co
    turf farm
    fert suppliers
    sprinkler co's
    chemical dealers
    lawn equipment dealers and mfg
    trailer makers
    truck mfg's & dealers
    tractor mfg & dealers

    Others hurt by drought
    Ski areas
    water rafting tours
    rec. fishing
    all that rely on these

    and on and on and on

    so where does it stop and why are we special-I'm sure you are hurting, lots are. We are in business to make $, so why should it be put on others to keep us there. Customers purchase our services or don't-when they aren't we need to find another way to make a living.

    Sounds like you are in a scary position. Just me but I'd look for part time work to keep my business going before I put my hand out.
    Hope things work out for you
  3. 65hoss

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    I would like to file for assistance.

    I could use some more assistance. Its been spring rush all year.:dizzy:
  4. TurfGuyTX

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    Just a thought. Anyone who would apply for assistance better hope that they've kept good records. I'm sure the tax man could compare notes. I'm praying for rain for those suffering from the drought. Good luck.
  5. Big Al

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    Man I hate to hear all the bad news.

    I wish I could send yall some of this wet stuff we have been getting for about two weeks now.......today was the first day I could get out and do any work.

  6. nu83

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    Federal Assistance is a sure fire way to stay poor. I really hope you dont expect handouts just because someone else gets them.
  7. Most farmers get assistance for flooded crops, loss of crop etc... but those feed us.

    We are not a necessity for life. Wont happen

    If you would still like to try, you should start with FEMA that's where the check willl come from. But is it a federal disater, NO.
  8. JimLewis

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    I don't believe my government owes me a damn thing, when it comes to handouts. I don't ever want one. The best handout they can give is a huge tax-cut. And the only way that's gonna happen is if they quit taking our money away (in the name of taxes) and giving it to others (in the name of assisitance).
  9. awm

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    got to agree with bob. u got to let certain things find there on level.
    even if it means i suffer. the alternative is socialism. i do sympathise with u tho brother. never drawn unemployment.
    [allways a first time]
    never stood in a welfare line but once.
    litterally got sick and lost my breafast.
    i just dont come from a background that
    can do that. at least so far. but never say never.
    ps i was hurt on the job and blinded by brick mason mortar.,the time i tried to stand in the welfare line.please forgive me creator ,if im too proud. also absolutely no offence intended toward anyone. u do what u gotta do.
  10. kerr lawn

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    i took a shower and thought about this thread.
    This is what i came up with. PLAN for the tough times. Piss poor planning makes for piss performance. Sorry dude but you gotta take responsible for your s**t, the government is there (ask any india) but not for handouts.
    I have been in a drought i losed at least 4,000 in 2wks. A friend of mine needed me to drive his stump grinder around, i made money but not as much if the grass was growing. Budget and plan. Life is a Bi*ch, work smarter.

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