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Discussion in 'Digital Marketing' started by Leeg83, Mar 26, 2013.

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    First, let me ask, how many other reviews have you read, and have you applied things you learned there on your site? I know myself, I don't reply to these as much anymore, as most have the same issues already discussed in other ones, and the first 5 things I noticed, have been mentioned in recent reviews people have asked for.
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    You look to be off to a good start, but I think there's quite a bit of room for improvement. To echo Greg, I'd recommend going through the archives and reading the previous reviews. They're easy to find and, quite honestly, it's rare that any review request can't be covered by them. The five things that Greg sees are probably similar to my initial thoughts. Header information, lack of local info, your Name/Address/Phone aka the NAP, page TITLE tags, image alt tags, duplicate pictures (the one I reverse searched, the house pic on the services page, is on at least 25 lawn care sites) XML sitemap, Google Analytics (unless you're running something different that I'm not seeing), etc.

    At 1368x768 screen resolution, my first reaction to your site's home page is that I can't even see the whole slider image, let alone any content below it, without scrolling. To break it down, it's a third of a page until I get to the bottom of your logo, a half page before I even get to the bottom of the menu, and over a full page before I get to any actual content.

    Your 4 different Service option links at the bottom of the home page, as well as the menu link, all go to the same page, and then has me do the scrolling to find what I though I was clicking for. Either add bookmark links or break them out to their own pages, but the way it is now is only going to frustrate or inconvenience your visitors.

    I'd also suggest using email via your domain name and not gmail. It's much more professional and lee@domainname.com is a heckuva lot easier to tell people than the way you currently have it.

    Questions, just yell.

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