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    Problem is...you can't believe how fast 30 seconds go. I wish I had 2 minutes and then I could educate.

    This is more of a...here we are, this is what we have and call us.

    But I hear ya!
  2. Efficiency

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    Rod, how many spots you buy?
    What are you doing to make this trackable in terms of call in and non call response?
  3. rcreech

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    60 - 30 second spots

    Every customer that calls we ask how they heard about us

    Then when added to Real Green they are coded as a referral, home show or TV spot etc.

    You can then run many different reports just on that input alone.

    Our main goal is to pick up seeding jobs but we also look at it more for continued branding and to also pick up their apps.

    Two good seeding jobs and the commercial is paid for.

    Then if u can get their lawn and maybe an EAB job on top of that it is money n the bank.

    Works well!!!!
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    how much you have to spend for that amount? Clear channel pressed hard to get some $$ out of us this fall. Not having any control over where the ads will land (as with yours), I just couldnt commit to that. I cant believe that 2 good jobs will pay for those spots.

    We are sending out 150k direct mailers this fall. Sold 39 new lawn programs from them and only 25k have hit the mail boxes so far.... you should call if you get one. haha
  5. rcreech

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    They were running a special for $2500 called Road Trippin for 60 - 30 second commercials and a web commercial on their site.

    I spent $3000 for 60-15 second commercials a few months back.


    You question 2 good jobs will pay for the spots?

    Maybe you need to understand that our seeding jobs here are not small and that we do a lot of volume.

    If you look at the equipment we have (right at 90 grand) you will quickly figure out we do mostly larger jobs and a ton of them. Yeah we still do the $200-700 jobs...but most of our jobs range from $1000-2000.

    We have done several $3000-5000 jobs this year and still have a few huge ones on the books.

    Two years ago I did a $13,000.

    That is why I said "two good jobs" and its paid for.

    Hard for you to believe now?

    $2500 is a drop in the bucket when looking at those kinds of jobs.

    You just have to pick what works best for you.

    I have done mailers in the past and have had success and failures.

    We like TV because you are reaching so many more homes, it is repetitive and it show more professionalism to a certain degree.

    We are just as much about building brand as we are for "today's sale".

    We look at it as a long term investment and the more people see us the more they will think about in the future (hopefully).

    But the main thing is still sales of course if that makes sense.
  6. RigglePLC

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    TV is highly visual. Take advantage of the opportunities for some really good looking lawns, some bad-looking before photos...and some happy attractive customers with cute kids. And a dog--of course. The big company uses that dalmatian for a reason--a top professional advertising agency probably determined that it would work.

    Take advantage this fall of any chance you have to photograph some really dark green pristine grass, early in the morning, slightly wet, on a dark cloudy day...that is when the grass looks the greenest. Get lots of pictures. Let the head advertising executive, or creative person, advise you--not the low-paid salesman. Use the same commercial next year, but improve it, fine tune it. Supercharge it.

    Get the station to supply a better voice talent--pay more and get the best. Somebody that sounds like Charleton Heston, Darth Vader, or Tom Bodet; smooth, confident, articulate--every word distinct. And if you are targeting big commercial jobs be sure to mention that and appeal to that segment, and show a big job in one of you photos.
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  7. Efficiency

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    feel better Rod? Seems like you have a short fuse and like to show us you know more. Congrats, you win!
  8. phasthound

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    I didn't read it that way. Without being face to face, it's very common to misinterpret the attitude behind a post or text.
  9. rcreech

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    Feel better?????

    All I did was explain to u my comment!

    Three good calls last two days from commercial

    Look n at a 1.7 ac property tomorrow

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  10. rcreech

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    He does this often

    In no way did I say anything wrong or out of line

    Not sure why and dont really care but we have a history of not get n long

    I have even lost sleep over it

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