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    Hi all, I was hoping to get some feedback on the Commercial Applicators Exam. I am in Maine, but it states in the manual that the state manual is pretty much based on the federal laws/standards.

    Is the exam difficult? Is it difficult in compared to the practice exams at the end of the chapters? I have answered all of the exam questions correctly. There are about 20 at the ends of the chapters. There are 15 chapters, is the test long? 200+ questions?

    Also, is this exam like most where you get tested on a bunch of stuff you will never need to know? Do I NEED to know which section of the thorax contains the wings and which contain the leaves? Interesting read though.

    Any feedback would be helpful. One more question... In the mean time, if someone wants a treatment put down how would you handle it without a) breaking the law and b) giving your customer away? Are there companies out there that only do chemicals?

    Thanks for your help...


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