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Discussion in 'Industry Surveys & Polls' started by FoghornLeghorn, Feb 11, 2010.

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    Grassman I don't believe they have done anything different to the deck design since 2007. I am unfamiliar with the pre 300 series (zd 25 zd28, etc.) deck and have only read that the cut quality was not on par with other manufacturers.

    The clogged prescreen and radiator screen issue may be due to modifications on that machine. The owner put a piece of steel mesh over the discharge chute making it more like a mulcher. In dry conditions the grass would float up around the machine much worse than normal conditions. It would collect behind the seat and on the engine cover pre-screen. The steel mesh cover wasn't put on the discharge opening until June of that year. Glad to hear this wasn't an issue for all Kubota diesel owners. I do know the '09 Kubota diesels have a slightly different mesh prescreen than the '07. The material gauge is slightly thicker and the hole diameter is almost twice as much. It was a very minor change and wouldn't be noticed by many. Other than that it appears to be the same machine. Built like a tank...makes anything else beside it look inferior. Tweak the cut quality and you've got the ultimate mid-mount diesel hands down.

    Scagmower48 how do you like your zg227? I have demoed that mower and loved it. Good power, excellent seat comfort, the hydros were incredibly responsive and it had great maneuverability. What kind of fuel efficiency do you get? Any issues with the machine so far? Kubota and Husqvarna are the two largest vendors/dealers in a 30 mile radius for me. I do like the new Husvarna PZ as well. Looks like they finally came up to par with some of the bigger names and pricing is superior for a comparable machine. Not trying to hijack, just got off topic briefly.
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    yup, called my dealer amd conmfirmed, no deck change. i think it is great and absolutly plows through thick wet grass

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