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Discussion in 'Digital Marketing' started by mikedyar, Mar 18, 2004.

  1. mikedyar

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  2. ksland

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    Its a start. I don't agree with the 10% less than they pay now line. I know that isn't what you wanted an opinion on but I felt the need to say it.

    The color scheme doesn't say landscaping to me.
  3. spoolinaround

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    YOU STOLE THE IMAGES FOR YOUR SITE from the late Eric Ericsons site!

    heres the proof if you decide to change them

  4. mikedyar

    mikedyar LawnSite Member
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    i guess your right about the 10% deal to much cut throat out there now and as far as being a image thief i did not claim to be the one who mowed those lawns i just thought it was great work and wanted to show them.
  5. ksland

    ksland LawnSite Senior Member
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    Thought those pics looked familiar
  6. studentlawn

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    "Without proper, periodic lawn maintenance, the look and feel of your property will suffer. Our scheduling and pricing plans are very versatile and accommodating"

    I don't like this phrase, anyone can give their lawn periodic lawn maintenance. Your trying to sell the idea that their lawn will suffer without the best and most frequent of care.

    Come one now, your promising me you can maintain a lawn for cheaper price then anyone else? I guarentee you don't have the volume to be a wal mart. IYou are only hurting your profits along with everyone elses by making statements like this.

    And it's boring. Otherwise good start. Id also suggest you take those pics down real fast if they aren't yours. You can easily ask people for pics, and many will gladly help you out.
  7. mikedyar

    mikedyar LawnSite Member
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    your right anyone can give periodic care to a lawn but can they provide proper care and as for the pics there already off you should have checked before making remarks about them and who are you to pass judgement on me about what kind of volume i have. i came here for thoughts on the site not to be beaten down by everyone so if you can honestly tell me that lawns will not suffer without proper and periodic maintenance then maybe you should be in another line of work because you would be wrong.......
  8. jajwrigh

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    Decent start....acquire your own images! Mine gets nicer with each version....working on my 3rd site now!
  9. mikedyar

    mikedyar LawnSite Member
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    thanks i will prob.just add photos of work i do myself and take it from there this is just a start and i will need a better web tool to do a better site at a later date thanks again
  10. Sebatical

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    Two initial thoughts come to mind here:

    First, you cannot justify use of someone else's pictures by saying, "I never said I was the one who did the work. I just thought they looked nice."

    The point of the matter is that when you create a website to advertise your business, your visitors assume that it's just that. Your business. If the work in the photos is not yours and there's nothing on the site to denote this, then you're misleading your viewers. Obviously if you're in south Jersey and you're displaying pictures of picturesque lawns in northern Indiana (as was the case with the aforementioned pictures), your customers are not going to be fooled by this anyway.

    Secondly, while it's admirable that you and your web designer friend have started your own businesses, he has a long and not-so-fun road ahead of him if he is under the impression that it is acceptable to violate federal copyright laws by using other people's work without proper persmissions. There's a term for web designers that get into the habit of doing that: Unemployed.

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