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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by cvlm, Dec 2, 2006.

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    Just wanted to start a thread to get some feedback on what you guys think about the new Honda 21" commercial hydro mower VS the old (ie. plastic wheels,new deck design and material,is it faster or slower,does it bag better or worse etc.) any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks:usflag:
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    I've never owned the old style Honda commercial but I just bought the new one a few weeks ago. It was an end of season special and I got the unit for $300 off the normal price. I used a capable of times on a few final cuts and I'm pretty happy with it. Engine is excellent, mower bags well, hydrostatic transmission is neat and the unit moves at a good pace but its speed can be improved by raising the engine rpms up. I will do that in the spring. The one thing that is annoying about this machine is the fact that you have to always have the BBC lever pushed up against the bar. This makes the unit awkward to handle, especially on turns. To solve this problem, I but a bungee cord or velcro strap around the BBC lever to hold it in place. This leaves my hands free to use the drive lever. If the unit needs to shut down in a hurry, I simply pull off the bungee cord or velcro strap. All in all, the honda is a good mower but I still prefer using my Toro 21' Commercial with the Kawasaki engine. Only drawback on that machine is the bag is a pain to empty.
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    I have used both. I bought on old honda commercial that was two years old in 1990. I ran it on 6 to 8 properties a day (1200 to 3000 sq.ft.) for 5 years until I went out of the business for a few years.The new model I purchased in March of 2005 and use it all day every day year-round. They both bag great. The old one, I didn't even know how to mulch with it back then, so I bagged only. The new one mulches fine if the grass is not tall or wet. I mulch 80 percent of the time this time of year. In the dry season mulches fine. With a rainy period (which is rare in my area), I go back to bagging, because it just looks better. The use of the BBC is not difficult for me, maybe because I have a lot of hours walking behind one. If your use of a 21" mower can justify the price, it is perfect. For me this is my primary mower (lots in my area have 1000 to 1500 sq.ft. of turf on average), so I can spend $1100 on a 21 and use it profitably. Mulching inevitably makes it faster because there is less time emptying grass and disposing of it somewhere. The hydro to me works better than the old style (I can't quite remember, but I think the old one had either a rabbit or a turtle and nothing in between) So it was always was on fast and I spun the back tires alot and burned rubber and wore out the back tires often. All told, the improvements are good ones IMHO

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