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Hi guys,

I've been reading this site for hours yesterday and learning a lot in the process.

I'm just starting out, have purchased a Honda Buffalo self-propelled mower, a Kawasaki KBL23A trimmer and an Echo blower. I am now looking around for a small trailer.

In Brisbane, Australia, which is where I am, the mowing season is yet to start in September and will be in full swing by November. So, it is time to get my name out there now.

I have prepared a local newspaper advertisement which will run for 12 weeks in the first 8 pages of the paper. I hope that this will have a positive response. I'm also getting flyers printed with a similar design, and will start handing out business cards and flyers to local real estate agents.

There is also a possibility of gaining a few clients from a friend of mine who used to be in the mowing business up to last year before she got the job of her dreams at a large botanical gardens. She will write letters to her former clients introducing me to them and suggesting that they contact me if they are not happy with their current mowing service. I will also follow up on these clients after that letter has been sent.

I am also planning to offer other incentives to my clients so that they are encouraged to refer their friends to me. I have to think of a few good incentives.

My aim is to build up to 20 regular clients by Christmas, and possibly up to 60 by the end of the season. After speaking with several mowing contractors, I think that this is a reasonable target. I hope so since I'm staking a lot on achieving this goal.

Before I place the ad however, I'd very much appreciate your feedback.

Thanks guys!



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Welcome Mate

Wish I am where you are. Been to Australia twice, each time drove from Cairns to Sydney. I absolutely Love it. Have a friend in Darlinghurst Sydney.

OK now lets see if I covered everything from your post.

The real estate is a wonderfull approach and good thinking. They can suggest your service to homeowners looking to spruce up their property for sale, and or to new buyers. Also some real estate offices even do their own speculation buying and may have homes they own that need work done. We have worked with a real estate office some time ago. It was great extra work for us.

Your friend. That would be great that she send those letters. Also your follow up after hers is good strategy.

Referal incentives. What I have done was offer 10% off that year for every referal signed an existing customer gave us. We targeted their neighbors, friends and family. With one restriction that they had to be close by to where we had work at the time. That worked well for us. A couple times had a customer getting their service for 1/2 the price. That meant I had 5 more :)

In my opinion you have a good marketing strategy already set up. And the paper advertising is good to. You should also have some lettering on your vehicle.

Best of Luck to you

And check out the various forums. Lots of good stuff there.

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Hi Ozi,

Two quick things that stuck out for me was that you capitalized everything next to your bullets, like Mowing, Weed control, Fertilizing but you didn't capitalize Garden bed installation. Another thing is that I am used to seeing 'fully insured' instead of 'full insurance.' However that may be based on your location and may be the common way to express this in Australia. If you have a website consider putting your web address on there too.
Besides that I think it looks great and wish you luck with your goals!
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