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    I bought a 2008 Dodge pickup with the 4.7 engine. It only has 800 miles on it. It has been averaging between 5-8 miles per gallon. I am only pulling a total of 3000lbs with equipement and trailer. I call the dealership and they tell me they will have service look at it. I take it in and the first thing they tell me is that I need to fill it up with gas for them to do the fuel test on it AT MY EXPENSE. Then they drive it and burn my gas. If in fact there is something wrong with it they will call Chrysler. In turn Chrysler will tell me that it needs at least 5000 miles. Maybe I am just pissed and don't understand but im pretty sure im getting the shaft here. So I have to drive the next 4200 miles to be certain there is something wrong with it. $500 a week in gas will put me out. Someone give me some feedback here. Calm me down.

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