Feeding Gators

Discussion in 'Florida Lawn Care Forum' started by Johnagain, Sep 30, 2012.

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    But they look so friendly when they are fed. Like you could reach out and hug them. Maybe if you feed him the gator will remember you and let you be his buddy.

    It would probably be wise to just go ahead and clean them out of the area since they likely have all been showing up for dinner.
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    As a Kid in Florida we could swim any where with out the Fear of Gators. In fact it was hard to even find a Gator. We hunted them for Gas money. A Gator hide sold for $ 6.00 a foot back in the 1960's and gas was 19.9 cents a gallon. One foot of Gator Hide was two tanks of Gasoline.

    In 1972 or so (I am guessing the date) Gators were put on the Endangered Species list and today we are over loaded with them. I believe if More Gator Permits were issued we wouldn't have a problem. Gators Hides are now bring $ 40.00 to $ 50.00 a foot. BTW That is not one tank of Gasoline in todays prices.

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    It would be much more humane to feed all the stupid people to the gators. Solves two problems. First by helping to purge the gene pool of this sort human. Second discourage other people pretending to be stupid and maybe they can do something productive, like get a job, Life!
    easy-lift guy

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