Feel like I stole it

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Even though I gave them what they were asking, I kind of feel like the blind hog that found an acorn. The only thing I was dissipointed in was that it was advertised with a 19hp engine but really has a 17hp engine.

It is a 2007 Wright Stander RH 17hp electric start and only 97 hrs on it. It had been sitting quite awhile, covored in dust and flat tires but everything looked and felt good. I figured for 2000 bucks what do you want. It does have the deck cover but after I took it off to clean and decided it needed to stay off. I leave them on if you can blow them off easy but leave them off if you cannot.

2011-12-10 15.56.04.jpg

2011-12-10 15.56.14.jpg

2011-12-10 15.56.28.jpg

2011-12-10 15.59.25.jpg


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Nice score. Isn't it fun to luck into a deal like this now and then. Great machine for gated yards. Now I see why you are turning loose of the BOP walkbehind.


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Got two of them and that 17hp is plenty of hp for 36" even with mulch kit on them. But watch that darn engine they leak oil everywhere. The upper seals and the valve covers. And be aware that putting a hydro belt on is a heller so get ready. Nice deal we had to pay $2500 for our second one with 300hrs.


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north of atlanta
i bought the same one for $3500 with 40 hours on it, basically the same. I love it so much that i sold my 48" and plan on buying another 36" in the spring, its perfect for my area, anything under 1/2 acre its perfect for