Feel like my price is sky high... opinions greatly appreciated.

Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by droptine05, Apr 17, 2018.

  1. droptine05

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    We are taking out a concrete slab that is 105 sq ft. Putting in a Tremron Olde Towne paver patio that will be 215 sq ft. On one side of the patio, we are also building a 2.5 ft tall wall out of Tremron Stone Gate block, that is 11 ft long, with a 3.5 ft tall column on each corner. Only thing we have to do, outside of the ordinary work, is to move an irrigation valve, approximately 25 ft.

    My final price for the project, including demo and all, is $6,226.11. This seems high to me. Unfortunately, I am having to sub out the paver and block install right now, because I don't have enough guys to do the work (we are currently doing an install at a large apartment complex).

    What are yall's thoughts?
  2. theguynextdoor

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    Without doing any real figuring, that doesn't seem out of line. If you figured your labor and materials right, and that's the number, then its good.

    Last year I did a simple 100 sq ft patio and landscape for nearly $5000, and I've done 300 sq ft patios in the $14,000 - $21,000 range with some included landscaping. This is why sq ft estimating doesn't work. Each job has its unique challenges and circumstances.
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  3. sailfish27

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    Seems cheap to me but what do I know. Hope your marking up your subs. Only thing left to figure is the demo.
  4. Mitty87

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    How much did your sub agree to do it for?
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  5. brichter14

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    Sounds about right.
  6. iand

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    My attitude in this situation would be I'm flat out and have to sub a lot of the work out so charge more because i don't really care if I get it or not because I'm flat out and have to sub a lot of the work out, don't forget even though you are subing it out you still need to supervise and are ultimately responsible for the work done,if the clients not happy they blame and may bad mouth you not the sub
  7. DVS Hardscaper

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    Time is money

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    Pricing by the sqft is definitely not the way to go, way too many variables. Im doing 230 sqft patio and some cladding for a 25 sqft front entrance way soon for $7900. Should be done in 3 days or so.

    Materials used is a big factor, $5.00 per sqft is a lot cheaper than $10 or say $12 per sqft. how much you want to make or need to make? Grade changes, etc. The list goes on....
  9. JimLewis

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    So we're talking $29 a square foot. Although, I agree that nobody should EVER quote jobs by the square foot, it is always something we look at before we present a quote, as an indicator to see if we are way off or not. We're pretty much in the top 10-15% of pricing in our area. So we're on the high side. But we are in a fairly affluent area and our customers are the kind who can afford it. So our prices are commensurate with what our clients are okay with spending, often times.

    That said, our patios usually end up being around $25-$30 per sq ft. for a smaller patio like the one you described and $22-$26 per sq ft. for a medium sized patio (350-600 sq. ft.) and around $20-$24 per sq ft. for a larger patio. So for a smaller patio, your price is on the higher end of what we'd be charging for that. But not too far out of line.

    The way I look at it, it's kind of spendy per square foot. But if the customer doesn't like it, fine. Take your puny job to one of my competitors then. No big loss on my part.
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  10. hatchetson2005

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    people always charge what they think is ok ( or what they can live with)
    always go high and raise prices in your local area
    unfortunately if your a young fella the 'i can't believe you charge that price' or profit will be elusive until your thirties
    maybe maybe not depending on size of balls and persistent advertising and leads
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