feeling bad for a stranger/fellow LCO.

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by oneEXMARKfan, Jul 25, 2001.

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    My sister-in-law called me today and said someone had been by there looking for me.(I moved 7 years ago) She said the man said his truck had broken down, and he was going to leave it there for awhile. She saw them unloading a JD 42" walk behind, push mower, gas can, blower, tool box, ect. onto another truck. She got a bad feeling about it, and wanted me to come down there and check it out. Well, to make a long story short, my brother just emailed me, and said the truck had been stolen about 1/4 mile away. More equipment traded for a few crack rocks.
    (figured if it had been stolen, they would have taken the Velky [no tire was on it].....it was all they left) My brother told him I had a Deere for sale.....might give him a good deal on it....all things considered.
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    That story gives me a bad feeling too. It can happen to all of us.:( :mad: :angry: :blob2:
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    The world we live in today! And of course its a new "sensitive" world, so if you find the SCUM P.O.S. that stole your equipment and beat the snot out of him like he deserves, you'd get in more trouble then him!

    Anyway, I won't get all riled up!.. Just let it be a reminder about leaving your equipment around and not secured properly.

    Be careful guys, their everywhere!
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    Just got back from trying to help him get it started. They tore the steering-colume(sp) up.
    Never did get it started. My brother talked to him 2 hours (while they were waiting for the police)
    and he said he seemed like a real nice guy. Was hopeing he might have just had some cheap residental equipt. but no......lost a Sthil trimmer, Echo backpack blower, yellow-deck Deere. I know how I would have felt if it was my stuff... I'm going to do what I can to track it down....might have some leads, and know several places the crack-heads sell hot stuff at, so I might can get it back for him. Gave him my pager # so he can buy my Deere when he gets his money up. Will let him get it cheap... *oh....the way it ended up at my old house was because it ran out of gas, and they pushed it up the drive with an Escort wagon....(8.6 acres....secluded)

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