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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by mcclureandson, Sep 2, 2005.

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    I got a call three months ago from a homeowner in an area of predominantly $500,000 + homes regarding a leaf clean-up from last year. He wanted to start up full-service maintenance (for me that's 12 months, all chem apps, weekly visits during growing season, all pruning, bed maintenance etc...) but I would have to make a fifteen minute one-way drive to service the account. I decided to sign him on...three months later I have a total of 12 full-service accounts in the immediate area...brings in about $2600 a month, 12 months a year...must be doing all right...had another LCO tell me he's not servicing the area any longer as he's recently lost 4 accounts...don't get me wrong, I make my share of mistakes but things like this boost my morale...just wanted to share.
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    Congradulations.. That's great keep up the good work!
    Now how much are you charging per month on a full service account again?
  3. mcclureandson

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    Thanks. Full service accounts are turn-key...turf care, all chem-apps, bed maintenance, seasonal color, pruning etc...and are priced based on 41 visits. Three new ones this week were $191/month, $239/month and $273/month. The other nine in that area range in price from a low of $173 (first guy I signed) to a high of $288 (that particular account wants service 52 weeks per year). I price them using the same formula as other weekly mows or bi-monthly mows...my projected hourly rate X how many man-hours I anticipate it will take to do the job. For full service accounts I add in costs associated with chem-apps, and a fudge factor because the standard of service is supposed to be higher. Mulch is at pre-set rates for the year (usually $6.50-7.00 bale of pine straw or $55.00 yard of hardwood mulch installed).
  4. daveintoledo

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    how much work is really involved...sounds like it could be a nice deal....
  5. nobagger

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    Awesome! I had one of those this year, so I thought. She called us back at 230AM! to cancel. I think a blessing in disguise
  6. mcclureandson

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    I like full-service for a several reasons...

    1) Fewer customers but more gross revenue PER customer
    2) Higher end properties are more likely to request landscaping services
    3) Referrals are usually for similar, higher-end properties
    4) Year round billing - good income in winter months
    5) Manicured properties are less damaging on equipment
    6) Full-service fits my company image/personality...never had a 'blow and go' mentality, which meant in the past I ended up providing services for free or at reduced rates because I couldn't stand weed-filled beds or unkempt shrubs etc..

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