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    Hey Rich,

    Do Excelent work, Charge For Excelent Work, Be Patient!

    I have set a base price $40.00, I wont drop the gate for less.
    (Except in my subdivision, I give 10% off so I still get $36.00 and dont have to leave home).

    A woman stopped at a yard I was cuttin last week, asked if I would cut her yard. Her lawnmore was broken and her husband could'nt cut it. I took a look, $40.00 yard if you maintain it weekly, but it had not been cut in 3 weeks. Front was bramuda, Back was fescue. I told her $60.00, as I would have to cut the back twice, She said I'll pay $50.00 and I said nope, $60.00. She decided she did'nt want it cut.
    This week (Lawnmore still broken) she stopped again, this time I said $90.00, as I now have to cut the front and the back twice (Plus $10.00 for agrivating me). She accepted, I cut the grass. Now I am cutting that yard every week for $45.00.

    I do each job to the best and I wont price a job to do less. If they want the best looking yard possible, they will pay. If not they can get the mexican, get tired of his crappy work and call me in about 3 months, happens all the time.

    As far as landscaping, I'm getting $50.00 - $100.00 per man hour, depending on the job. Materials and good labor are high (Not to mention Insurance, etc.)

    Work on Saturday! I have had more people stop and ask for business cards while I am cutting grass or landscaping on saturday than any time.

    Anyway, hope this helps. Good luck ,
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    Oop's sorry ya'll, I did'nt mean to post a new subject, It was supposed to be a reply.

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