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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by bommaritro, Nov 2, 2002.

  1. bommaritro

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    This came to me after I finsihed my last post . What type of parts and tools do you carry for feild repairs if you do any? Wrenches, belts, blades, ect... I know that I am not a mechanic but I think I could handle some minor repairs.

  2. mowngrow

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    i try to do all repairs at home orat my dealer but every now and again something does break so we carry a few items such as blades and belts but i try really hard not to do any any repairs in the feild
  3. DLCS

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    I carry in my toolbox, the basic tools plus a cheap socket set, set of wrenches, electrical tape, some crimp connectors, zip ties, and a 12volt mini air compressor. I also carry extra blades, spare belts, spark plugs, air cleaner pre filter(already oiled) in a zip lock baggy, and assortment of nuts and bolts. I know I'm missing some things but thats all I can think of right now. It always seems like I never have what I need with me though.

  4. The Mowerdude

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    DLCS has pretty much covered the bases. I'd add a tire repair kit.

    As you may or may not know, ZTRs are pretty easy to get stuck when you run into an area that looks dry but isn't. At times you can find yourself mired in muck way quicker than you would have imagined and then it's time to break out the tow straps, come-alongs, jacks and boards for the tires.

    Over the years, we've had several occasions where on of the guys on the crew, was mowing along a ditch line, hit a really wet spot that looked dry, and slid over into the ditch. It happens very quickly and after having it happen to myself personally, I don't climb onto anyone's back when it happens to them. To get one out, we use 2 tow straps and 2 come-alongs. We look for a tree or other strong object that we can wrap the tow strap around and then we use one of the come-alongs to pull the mower all the way to the short limit of the come-along. Then we take the other tow strap and come-along, tie it in a position where it can be hooked to the mower at the long limit. As we tighten up on it, we can unhook the first come-along and repeat the process until we get the mower all the way out. A few years ago, we had one of the ZTRs slide over a rock wall and into a ravine. Fortunately nobody got hurt. But we used those straps and come-alongs to save calling a tow truck and it took less time, too. Several neighbors had seen the accident and could quickly see that we were organized and had done this before. It actually led to us meeting some of the neighbors and getting other work. It's amazing what impresses some people.

    Actually I learned this technique when I used to go rock crawling with my friend in his CJ7.
  5. Does look like DLCS has most of it.
    I also carry spare belt and cables for all equipment.
    starting fluid
    assorted hitch pins/cotter pins
    vise grips
    starter rope
    grease gun for aerator in season

  6. rodfather

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    Sometimes I think we carry enough spare parts to make another mower...lol.

    We carry just about everything that was said including spare tires for the WB's and Toros. Hate getting flats and then having to go to the dealer.
  7. Rhett

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    Cheap socket set and a gerber. Love that gerber.
  8. mcambrose

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    I echo the tow straps and come along. A few years back one of my boys backed the walker up to a ditch to dump and the tractor started into the 6' deep ditch. We had to grab the mower and hold on to try to keep it from going in. We couldn't pull it out and we couldn't let go. Just happened the lady's son was home and saw us. He ran out and jumped in his 4WD and backed into the yard. He pulled out a tow strap so we could stabilize the mower. He then eased up and pulled it out. I didn't know the kid knew how to do anything. Later that year her son left for the Navy and he is now a Navy Seal. I guess I misjudged him. Its great to have people like him defending our country.
  9. Green Pastures

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    Hey Rhett,

    What's a gerber?
  10. Navig8r

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    Gotta have the Gerber.. mine's always on my belt!

    It's a multi-tool... like the Leatherman, only better;)

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