Felt or no felt?

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by primetyme1978, Jun 20, 2007.

  1. primetyme1978

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    When mulching do you guys use felt or no? What is the problem with using it on mulch jobs, should you use it, and what stops weeds from poping up if not felted under mulch. I am not stupid just new to the industry.:drinkup:
  2. ilovethisgame

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    Under rock yes, under mulch/bark it's a wasted step as weed seeds can still germinate in even a thin layer in mulch. As for the weeds there will always be some, but far less than uncovered ground. Hope this helps
  3. prizeprop

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    We never use it under mulch.If a customer asks for it, I give several reasons to change their minds.First, after mulch starts to decompose you will have soil on top of weedmat which the weeds will grow . 2nd, even though its pourous water will run before it soaks.3RD,,If future planting of flowers,shrubs or trees this will make it difficult to plant.Lastly,its labor intensive to cut around plants and trim edges, which will increase the price by an enormous amount!! They always understand after you educate them.hope this helps. Use it under rocks though. USE A PRE-EMERGENT Snapshot to prevent weeds.And you can sell a yearly or bi-yearly service to re apply pre-m.If you dont have a license, hook up with someone who does to sub it out.

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