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You guys may have remembered my front fence project that I posted about last year. I decided to add on on the left side and tie in to my neighbors fence. you'll notice that my neighbors privacy fence is approximately 6 feet tall, pretty much a normal privacy fence.but like I always say anything worth doing is worth overdoing.

We went ahead and went with 12 foot 8 by 8's, buried them 3 feet deep and set them in concrete. We put them 8 feet apart and went with 4, full 2 by full 6 stringers between each post. The pickets come from the sawmill roughly 9 to 10 feet long so having the posts 9 feet above ground is about right. of course when I say pickets, I mean full 1 inch thick 6 inches wide white oak.

I always like to give you guys cost estimates, so if you ever wanna try to build stuff like this you have a feel for what it will take. The wood cost me about 1500 dollars. Stain was about 375 dollars. Labor for all the holes, construct the fence and staining was about 750 dollar's. I also had some custom brackets made for all the stringers, it is 1/4 inch thick aluminum angle iron cut in 2 inch pieces and with a 3/16th inch hole drilled in each side.the brackets cost me about 235 dollars for 165 brackets. I also used stainless steel nails for all the pickets, I bought those on eBay, got a pretty good deal spent 100 dollars for 7200 nails. They fit in my coil framing nailer so that made that part of the job pretty easy and pretty inexpensive. the concrete, we use 3 80lb bags per hole I think there were 10 holes, so 30 bags of concrete about 3 bucks a bag roughly 100 bucks with tax. If you add it all up I'm looking about 3000 dollars for 80 feet of fence. I did the math when we did the front fence and I remember it being around 5000 dollars for 100 feet of fence.so believe it or not at 37.50 per foot I have improved how much this particular type of fence costs. but I may be off on what I spent last year. I need to look it up. Picture hopefully below. the new side is about a foot taller.
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