fence on top of Lannonstone wall?

Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by neighborguy, Jun 14, 2005.

  1. neighborguy

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    I am doing a small wall install ( 100' long, 3' tall, 6 lannon steps) and the customer wants to put a fence at the top of the wall. My concern is trying to put the posts into the drainage stone. I konw that it would not be easy to dig the post in (stone caving in). My first thought is to put in PVC sleeves for the posts and capping the sleeves off. I would make the sleeves about 5' long (so they would be anchored into virgin soil). Does anyone see any problems with this idea? Any improvements? Thanks in advance.
  2. chesie

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    I was thinking a sleeve as well or sauna tube. Or is there any reason you cannot set the post at the time of wall installation and then cut the post to the right height after you finsih?
  3. neighborguy

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    the client does not want to install the fence right away. I am pretty sure that it is a money thing. I think we are just doing the sleeve thing and then marking the sleeves on a plan. I will use end caps on the sleeves so that they don't fill with material.

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