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  1. LawnExperts

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    I'm thinking to offer fence washing and staining.... the washing I'll do by myself (since I already have done in my own place) while the staining I have a friend who is a painter and has experience.

    Anyone can give me some advice ? pros and cons ?


  2. LawnExperts

    LawnExperts LawnSite Member
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    anybody ?

    any idea?
  3. BCF

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    Well I personally hate painting and staining, too monotinous. But I guess that is why there can be good money in it. I've sprayed a few fences, be real careful spraying stain, as it is not easy to get off of vinyl siding.:nono:
  4. ozd12005

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    Good money to be made with that service, Depending on the look after power washing you may be able to get away with using a clear coat water sealer and is best applied with a simple round up sprayer, If you have to stain I recommend not using an electric sprayer as the over spray will go a good distance and cover everything in its path. Best is doing it the old school way with a 4 " horse bristle brush.

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