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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by the angler, Jun 20, 2008.

  1. the angler

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    i know the main answer but i was thinking to myself from the customers stand point .......

    as of now all my mowers are 52 inches or 60 ...i ve lost more than a hand full of yards due to the fact i cant do the back yard , i have a push mower but for my time to push mow i need to charge almost double sometimes more to keep my dollars up ....

    so here is the question ....should i suck up the time a charge normally ??? is it my fault for not having a smaller walk behind to get in ?????and if it is ,,is it really fair to pass the cost off to the customer ???

    MOW PRO LAWN SERVICE LawnSite Bronze Member
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    you need some help,2 things in this biz iz equipment and manpower.
  3. IN2MOWN

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    Let me change that a little for you...

    you need some help,2 things in this biz iz THE PROPER equipment and manpower.

    Angler, think of all the buisness you are losing not having a 36. They are inexpensive and very handy to have. Bite the bullet and buy one.
  4. zemzabob

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    I agree you just need to break down and get yourself a good 36 then all is good in the world again.
  5. Big Wes

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    Ask the owner if you can make a section of fense detachable at your exspense of coarse. Personally, I can't understand why people put fenses up without a gate you can drive a truck through, but heck what do I know, I cut grass for a livin'. lol

    Unfortuneatly, I have 3 properties that have to be mowed with a 36" walk behind.
  6. k911lowe

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    you need to get something that will fit in their yard.otherwise let someone that wants work have them.if you have enough of them it would be worth the effort
  7. supercuts

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    i have a 48" wb and ive told people with 4' gates to let me put hinges on a section of fence so i can get my 60" in. if its a big area and i cant get the 60" in, im not wasting my time. i know there are more lawns out there. efficiency is everything.
  8. nemow

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    I have a 36 and turned down a job down the street form another customer. We keep a push mower on the trailer with two larger mowers. In order for me to use the 36 I would have to go home and switch out one of the mowers for it to fit. The back yard was to big to push mow as the topic starter had stated. Its not worth the extra time I would have to charge them a lot more. Two trips to the house with two guys in the truck, just not worth it. This person has a 47" gate. I only have the 36 as a back up back up mower. Want to buy a 36? EDIT: just read thru some more of this topic and I ahve also cut a fence and put notches in to lift wooden fences out. You really can't tell the difference. When customers are putting in fences or pools I make sure to tell them that the industry standard is 48" mowers and I have 52" and 61". I also tell them the the more costly larger gate will pay for itself with the money they save on mowing.
  9. razor1

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    Don't give up any work....somehow make it fit! Be creative, you might be surprised where & how you can fit a bigger mower. :weightlifter:
  10. ProStreetCamaro

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    This is one of the many reasons we love our 34Z.

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