Ferrandino and Son non Payments

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by troy mullins, Mar 29, 2018.

  1. troy mullins

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    Any Company not being paid for invoices from this group please respond. We have over 20k do from them.. BB&T ,, Toys r us,, rite aid , Sun Trust accounts.. Constantly forcing us to reduce are invoices to get paid for snow services or just completely deny and payments.. They do have the contract written with loops holes to protect them from paying.. except for non payment of mass vendors. then it is a class action suite for intent to not pay vendors... that can not confirm if Ferandino and Son is not paid by there employers or not... Feel free to email or check our information on theroundpros.com
    info@thegroundpros.com thanks for help getting us all paid...
  2. RedSox4Life

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    In on monthly thread where a national maintenance company doesn’t pay its vendors.....

    Do a search man....you’ll find plenty of threads on this. Including this specific company.
  3. OP
    troy mullins

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    Yes sir... They have several class action suits they have lost... We are willing to start or join another
  4. dfcam

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    See Scammed by Nationals Facebook Page...all about F and Sons etc
  5. oqueoque

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    One of the best things I learned on here is to say NO, when theses people call offering work, which they did last year. All from reading other threads about them not paying or paying very slooooooooooooooow.

    As others said do a search of their name. There are about 20 threads on them.
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    Even a few with the name spelled wrong :dizzy:
    And some with other Nationals:wall
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  7. prezek

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    This Troy in Baltimore?...as mentioned above, there is a Facebook page. “Scammed by nationals” is the name it’s under now. A few posts on there have gotten the ball rolling with lawyers. Take a few minutes to join the page and read through some of the posts...also the sister site to this one plowsite.com has lots of info. Paul-Outback Lawns
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  8. Mitty87

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    Is it part of these nationals business plan to avoid payment?
  9. Charles

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    I think I would have researched this before I signed the contract. Especially after seeing all the "loopholes to protect them from paying" The loopholes would have been enough to scare me away. But every year these threads keep appearing. Who is to blame? Look in the mirror
  10. JFGLN

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    Got my annual call from them today. Looking for bids at a couple of Rite aid locations. The guy on the phone sounded very nice.
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