Ferris 1500z 52" Opinions

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Cathman, Jul 6, 2007.

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    Have the opportunity to pick one up...guy says it has a 21hp Kawi on it with less than 60 total hours....used it on his land and now he lives back in the city....hence his reason for the sale. Said he paid around 5600 for it and is asking 4000. Looking for info on durability, quality of cut on residential...st. augustine here, and what ya think about the price. It is out of warranty period so i would have to cover any repair cost. Appears to be in very good condition by the picks he sent, i will be going to see it tomorrow. I have a gravely z34 for my residentials currently, but i have had to turn away a few commercials because i do not have a big enough mower to be able to do it in good time and be competitive with my bid. The z34 works great for the residentials i have now as i have not found a back yard i can not get in with it. So really looking to move up in size and seems this might be a good choice and sounds like a good price. Thanks for any and all info.

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