Ferris 2000z Hydro Problem after changing filter

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by oakshade, Feb 8, 2013.

  1. oakshade

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    I changed the hydro filter on my ferris 2000z. I took the old filter off and filled the new one with oil and put it on. I put little more fluid in resvoir what they recomoneded Mobile 1 15w-50 synthetic, I then jacked up the rear end and ran the wheels forward and in reverse for a few minutes. . I then thought it was good to go so I lowered the machine ran it forward and back a few feet in each direction. but the hydro system was making noise so I assumed that there was still air in the system I did not move more than a few feet in each direction. So I jacked it back up and tryed to purge the air again. I have seem to lost most power to the wheels now. With the drive wheels off the ground the wheels will spin forward and barely go in reverse. I can stop them with my hand. When the machine is turned off and jacked up there is no resistance on the wheels they just free spin when I push on them. I spoke with a few people and they said it should take 20-30 minutes at the very most to purge the air out the system. Could I have burnt up my pumps? Could the wrong oil filter be causing this issue? Is there another way to purge the sytem. Im kinda lost at this point and hope I didnt cost myself alot of money. Any help would be appreciated
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    What I have always done is put a drain pan under the pump filter and unscrew the filter and allow some of the oil to drain until is stops. You dont have to actually change all the oil because it doesnt really go bad, its the filter that needs to be changed and it should be done at least once a year. Pour some new mobil 15w50 synthentic oil or whatever it calls for into the filter to make sure most of the air is out of it, but it isnt necessary. Once you change the filter start the engine and run the mower forward for a while and backwards for a while slowly. You will probably hear a screeching noise or have low power in the drive for a few minutes, then it will clear but remember to run the mower very slowly. Once the noise and the drives feel normal, check the resivor and fill it a little. Run the mower for around ten minutes or so and check the oil again and fill it, but dont over fill it because when the oil gets hot it will over flow and make a mess.:waving
  3. oakshade

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    Thanks for the response Turns out Napa gave me the wrong filter. I would like to choke em. Alot of stress for nothing:dizzy:
  4. piston slapper

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    Factory hydro filters are cheaper than damaging the pumps...which ...to some extent...just happened...
  5. Landrus2

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    When you bleed the system raise the mower so you don't put any
    Load on system :waving:
  6. laman

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    Factory hydro filters are all I use. Hydros are to expensive to ruin just to save on a filter..
  7. Oldtimer

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    Did you use a hydro filter or an oil filter?

    The hydro pumps from Ferris are around $600.00.

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  8. ashgrove landscaping

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    Don't mess with cheap filters for hydro or motor oil. It's a matter of $12 between them both! I change my hydro filter every 100 hrs. I always install the new filter dry and add a quart to the system before starting and let it run for 5 minutes then hop on and ease it in for a minute. Never a change in power though. Basically like I didn't do anything. I think you'll be fine, just change out that filter pronto. Add whatever the filter was holding plus a few oz. to the system after new one is in. Which means my hydro oil is being cleansed and freshened constantly for $20 a month. Well worth the effort. DO the engine oil and filter at the same time with a few beers=nice little evening.
  9. laman

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    I use the factory brand hydro filters. I have exmark and it gets their hydro oil and filters. I would check and see what your manufacturer recommends...

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