Ferris 2000Z vs 3100Z

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by ptman, Apr 6, 2006.

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    I see that Ferris now has a 2000 series. This mower looks like the “old” 3000 Extreme with 27HP. Are they the same? Also, anyone have recent prices on the 2000Z or 3100Z? I think the 3100Z with 61” deck is about $1700 more than the 2000Z. Not sure it’s worth it. Thanks.
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    I'll list the differences.

    - The 2000 is only available with a 25 hp kawasaki or a 27 hp Kohler with a 52 or 61 inch deck. Both engines are air cooled. The 3100 is available with a 26 hp liquid cooled kawasaki, 30hp air cooled kohler, and a 32 hp Briggs Vanguard big block air cooled. Its available with a 61 inch deck with all 3 engines and a 72 on the Briggs.

    - The 3100 comes with the massive heavy duty Hercules cast iron greasable spindles and the 2000 comes with a slightly lighter duty aluminum greasable spindle.

    - The 3100 has rotating 360 degree adjustable anti scalp wheels on the deck and the 2000 has stationary anti scalp wheels.

    - The 3100 has 1/4" thick tubular frame rails that are the strongest in the industry and i'm pretty sure the 2000 frame isn't that thick.

    - The 3100 comes with a better seat. It has a higher back and is more thickly padded than the seat on the 2000 but this seat is optional on the 2000.

    - The 3100 has 24x12 drive tires and the 2000 has 22x11 drive tires.

    - The max ground speed on the 3100 is 12 mph and is 10 mph on the 2000.

    The 2000 is not the same as the 3000 extreme. They've took a 3000 and cheapened it up a little to get the price a little lower and called is a 2000. i looked at one at the dealer the other day and it's nice if you want to save some money over the 3100.

    They have totally changed the design of the 3000 and thats why they renamed it a 3100. Under the seat they have cleaned up or opened up to make all the componets a lot easier to get to and changed the feel and responsiveness of the steering and changed the suspension a little to make it ride even better or atleast thats what the dealer said but they know what their talking about.

    The 2000 they had had the 25 hp Kawasaki with a 61" deck and it was $8700. They had a 3100 right beside it with the liquid cooled 26 hp kawasaki with a 61" deck and it was $9900. I would go with the 3100 if your willing to spend the extra money because its worth it in my opinion. The liquid cooled engine is a lot quieter and a lot more fuel efficient than an air cooled.

    Hope that helps.
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    Just recently purchased the IS3100Z and just did the 5 hr. oil change. So far this is a great machine - use it to mow 5 plus acres. Got the optional seat offered for the 3100 as well. Would also add they make the B&S Vanguard 36 hp for this machine which was the engine I got. Why fool around with hp - I do some weeds in addition to mostly grass but wanted the extra hp so I wasn't wishing I had gotten it later on.
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    Way to revive a 7 year old thread that is way out of date....:clapping::hammerhead:

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