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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by karol, Feb 5, 2007.

  1. karol

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    from ontario
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    Does anyone use a Ferris 3-wheeler? I plan on cutting about 20 schools with it. Cutting is done every 2 weeks, so the grass can get pretty long and thick at the peak of the season. I know there are 2 versions of this mower, one of them having bigger engine 27hp, bigger wheels, bigger pumps. Can this mower handle the job. Any input would be appreciated..
  2. edward hedrick

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    I saw the Ferris 3 wheel at a trade show last week. I own a Scag sthm.

    check out the Gravely #320 also. The Scag is a fixed deck. The Ferris and the

    Gravely are hung decks, also they have a higher grond speed 9 mph. Ed
  3. cantoo

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    I used to have an old Yazoo that I spread fert with but never cut with it at all. Only complaint I have ever heard about the 3 wheelers is really hard on the back. Yoy sit right above the rear wheel, hit a bump and your spine takes the jolt. Might want to cnsider a midmount instead. We have 2 Bobats that work good and cut fast. They have the 25's on them but I would like more power for long grass.
    School grass gets lots of traffic and usually not alot of fertilizer so it won't be real heavy but it does get stringy. Stragglers will be a problem when it gets hot out because you are trying to drive as fast as possible. Sharp blades spinning as fast as possible. Cut low when you can.
    Not sure I would only have one mower a breakdown will cost you real quick if you can't cut and it gets ahead of you.
    What are the rules on cutting? Have to be done after school hours or can you cut when kids are in class? Remember kids have phys ed class at different times of the day.
    We used to cut ball diamonds and soccer fields and we weren't allowed on the fields when anyone was there. It was a pain once in awhile.
  4. green acres lawns

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    I don't think a 3 wheeler would be fast enough. I cut schools and most of it is flat out, as fast as you can go, and not real smooth. I think a 72" midmount would be a better choise. And maybe a 60" for tighter areas and ditches. Schools around here are bid so cheap that you have to average 4 acres per hour to make anything. (includes trimming)
  5. Envy Lawn Service

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    I was just looking at the new one a couple of hours ago myself... just surfing the MFG web pages... and I gotta say, this looks to be the nicest 3-wheeler I've ever seen!

    I don't think ride quality will be an issue either!




    For big open areas... boy that thing would be a consideration...
    Especially if any slopes were involved.
    I bet they do well.
  6. GotGreen

    GotGreen LawnSite Member
    from STL
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    OK, seen those before but, what is the advanage of those tipe of mower versus the front mounts?


  7. Envy Lawn Service

    Envy Lawn Service LawnSite Fanatic
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    From what I understand:

    1) Safer and better slope performance

    2) More turf friendly

    3) Lower initial cost

    Understand that the 3-wheel riders steer by the rear tire.


    It could be done so easy and fits right in with what I was talking about on the new homeowner zero turn tractor that steers.
  8. Holders Residential

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    I know a guy that has the scag version and that thing can fly . He tows two of those pull behind mower decks I think it cuts about a twelve foot path. I bet it uses alot of fuel. When he does smaller properties he takes them off. He doesn't do the best job but he is efficient.
  9. Buckeye Lawncare

    Buckeye Lawncare LawnSite Member
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    My grandma has a gravely three wheel mower, hers' has two wheels that the operator sits above and steers the mower (mower on the right in Post #6). It is a heavy duty mower, BUT

    1) it will get stuck in its own shadow
    2)if the ground is the least bit wet it leaves a bad tire rut from the back tire(s)
    3) it doesn't strip worth a crap
    4) last but not least if the ground is hard you feel every bump in a yard and your arms will hurt like hell after sitting on it for a couple hours.

    Since I bought my lazer a couple years ago, I have only started that mower once and that was to move it to fit my mower into her garage.

    **This statement is based on my own experiences, and is MY opinion, take it how you want to!**
  10. Envy Lawn Service

    Envy Lawn Service LawnSite Fanatic
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    Yeah, those old Gravely's were ROUGH and monsterous. I've ridden one like you are talking about.

    1) They added a power lift you can use to transfer more deck weight on the machine.

    2) Still does that.

    3) They have a stripe kit now, but I still don't like the center tire mark.

    4) They have added a nice suspension seat on them now.

    Ferris appears to have handed them there azz on a platter in the 3-wheel market for '07.

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