Ferris 3100 61" 36 BB review

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by greenology, Jul 18, 2013.

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    Hey real, this might help you and it might not. The hustler I have has the 850 on it and the ferris I used to run had the 32 bb. Obviously this is apples to oranges, but the 32 felt like it had considerably more power than the 850. Take note, I'm sure the super z's hydraulic system is larger than the 3100 that I ran so that sucks more power, but the 3100 was 72" compared to 66". The 32 is a hoss, so I'm sure the 36 is incredible. As far as fuel goes, in normal cutting my 850 is around 1.5 gal/hr. If I remember correctly, the 32 BB was sitting around 2 gal/hr so the 36 is in that neighborhood I'm sure.
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    Subscribing for video! Thumbs Up
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    Well the dealer wanted over $1000 for the michigan susp seat, looks like on ebay buying from US Id be looking at $680 roughly. But I want to look into the puffer air seat, or one of those susp inserts like others have used.

    Id like to get some video to compare the X1 with Ferris while I still have the X1, its just logistically difficult, my trailer is only big enough for 1 mower at a time & its about 20min drive each way, so that's 1.5hrs driving. Also dont want to annoy the client, but if I can I will, I haven't seen any youtube videos to show this kind of comparison before.

    But with regard to video of clipping dispersal etc, that will be no problem at all, I will take plenty of that once we start getting some spring growth. Need some warm nights, which will be 6 weeks from now maybe a little more. :)
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    Im 70kg or 150 lbs. I find that when I come up out of a rut my weight is lifted taking the tension off the spring, then my weight coming back down bottoms out the spring, giving that hard contact feeling. easily fixed though.

    Seams a silly design, most if not all other manus just have a pressure switch in the seat itself.

    I wonder if the Michigan has the pressure pad built into it, therefor the existing switch on ferris could be bypassed for the Michigan one.
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    Thankyou, so a 850 does get better mileage. a 36 BB for 1700 is a deal is it not?
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    Hey Pugs how does the Z2 Tank compare to the 3100 ? :) I know you're a big fan of Z2 quality. What happened to Envy the great?
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    I'm not up to par on engine pricing, but I know the 23 kohler for my walker runs about $1300 around here, so the huge 36 BB for $1700 doesn't sound bad at all.
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    I'm sure you'll be happy with the ICD deck, I have one on my 52 inch Snapper Pro S75X and it even cuts tall bahia at not quite full stick without leaving standers.

    I'm glad to hear some info on the big blocks since I've been looking at a Snapper Pro S200XT 61 inch with the 32 big block.
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    Just a ferris without suspension. They are great engines! If they would do an efi system I would never look at another motor. Unfortunately the only manufacturer that I know of that uses vanguard is ferris/snapper.
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    Scag uses a lot of Vanguard engines on their Cheetah's and TT's. Plenty of shallow drive outboard engine boats use the Vanguards as well.

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