Ferris 3100 61" 36 BB review

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by greenology, Jul 18, 2013.

  1. greenology

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    Hmm, Im not sure that would help? From factory all springs are set on soft & the thing is Im not bottoming out the springs even on that setting, so going harder is the only option which would take less of the shock. I think adding a seat is the only/best option. Or would you stiffen the springs?

    Im considering a puffer air seat if its not too expensive to ship over here, so If installing that I would need to run a wire for the compressor, so would just need to run an extra 2 for pressure switch
  2. greenology

    greenology LawnSite Senior Member
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    Yep the Ferris gives the best package for my needs, I cant utilise any speed on the other ZTRs, this thing will do full speed almost anywhere so its the most productive mower I could own. Also preserving my back as best as possible for the next umpteen years!

    I also hope not to end up with a lemon! All the components are high quality, the hydros are the same as chosen by scag for their turf tigers, also I believe the same hydro as on the Gravely 400 series only the gravely has combined wheel/pump motors but the same brand/capacity. (according to my dealer that was)

    I also look forward to being able to give feedback, mostly positive with any luck!

    The chute opening is 17.75" at the top & 18.5" at the bottom. Nice and wide which Im learning is a good way to make them!
  3. puppypaws

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    The bigger the discharge opening, the easier on hp pull, I really don't understand why it has taken these manufacturers so long to figure that out.

    EverRide has the largest discharge opening of any mower on the market, or least they always have, they were way ahead in this category. I'm thinking the tunnel deck on their Warrior had a 21" discharge opening, maybe someone knows the exact measurement. This is now the Gravely Pro-Ride, of which I'm told they are building around 150 more, and then Gravely will discontinue the model , but parts will still be available.

    You can look at this deck and see it will handle a tremendous amount of grass.

  4. greenology

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    Heres a small clip from the day I demoed the 3100, showing the suspension working. Sorry for the not so great videography, I will eventually get someone who is good at using a camera to do some filming for me, showing the suspension working a little more clearly & eventually some good video of the iCD decks clipping dispersal.

    But just for now this shows the shocks in action! If you pay attention to the top of rear wheel in relation to the bottom of fuel tank, you'll see the travel of the rear shocks. @ 57 sec & again 1.25min

    Mostly this is cut at full speed, just to give me an idea on shock absorption for demo more than anything, in reality I would be cutting a little slower over the largish ruts to minimise the height the deck lifts for a more even cut. Mind you if I tried to cut at this speed with a non-susp ZTR the deck would leave the ground even more.

    Best to view in HD.

  5. Ridin' Green

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    The suspension is clearly working quite well.:clapping: A lot better than any flex forks and suspension seat will (if Deere ever actually offers them for sale like they advertise).:rolleyes:
  6. Realslowww

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    The concept is great if you need it and in this day of 16 MPH mowing machines it is more than welcome than ever, they need to add more beef to the design.

    Look at a MOTO X bike from 1980 which is what the Ferris suspension is built like and look at a MOTO X bike today. Do you see the stuff the guys can hit on a new modern bike as compared to a 1980 bike?

    The 1980 bike would break if you tried to hit anything like the new bikes, the Ferris is a great concept but it just needs to be made better.
  7. GMLC

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    Looking good!!! Thanks for the vid.
  8. CurbAppealKS

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    Green, have you tried adjusting the coil overs yet? What setting are they on from the factory on your machine?
  9. Growin Green

    Growin Green LawnSite Member
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    Great view of the suspension in action. Thanks for posting that. I would like to see it on a side hill if you have a chance.
  10. puppypaws

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    What has made those type ruts in this property? The lawn appears to be flat, which to me would mean the soil should not have washed this badly before grass was established. Do you believe the equipment used in the initial landscaping may have caused this problem?

    When you initially view the property it is very nice looking, and one would never expect it to be in this condition, of which is extremely rough.

    Do you have very many properties in this same condition, a condition that appears to have been incorporated by some type of faulty mechanical means?

    You've never owned any mower that would cut good at over 4 to5 mph on this property, it would beat you to death. I could see even with the Ferris suspension you appeared to almost leave the seat in a couple of places.

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