Ferris 3100 61" 36 BB review

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by greenology, Jul 18, 2013.

  1. greenology

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    Another thing, today I let it run out of fuel on one tank & BOY was it an ass-holyo to get going again. I guess its about learning the technique for this motor. But had to leave it twice as I wasn't getting it started no matter what I did, I assumed I had flooded it by trying the choke. Anyway in the end I got it going it was just being a grumpy *****!

    In the morning for cold starts, if you start will choke on & full throttle, then immediately back off the throttle so it doesn't have a chance to rev high. Doing this way it will kick off within a heartbeat! Does anyone else start their carb engines like this? Im assuming everyone and I prob look like an idiot by saying this.
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    I start my Z950 by pulling the choke knob up completely, then add about 1/5 to 1/3 throttle and it starts about as fast as every EFI I have owned.

    I haven't really checked into the puffer seat to be honest. I don't mind adding the 3" to ride height of the factory suspension insert, but I don't think I'd want to go much higher than that. The 3" of the insert would put the curve on my sticks at the perfect height for me. I have them down as far as they will go and they are still too high. Deere must have had their heads buried in the ol' brown applesauce when they designed their sticks because I ain't exactly short, but these things come set so that they feel like ape hangers on a chopper.
  3. greenology

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    Haha that's a vivid description.

    From the puffer website http://ztrpuffer.com/#faqs they claim about a 3" rise with the puffer. My concern with adding height is getting under tree branches and the like, I already duck so low, but there is the option to lower to height somewhat by letting the air out for these times.
  4. Ridin' Green

    Ridin' Green LawnSite Fanatic
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    Looks like it'd fit mine. I might have to check into that a bit more.
  5. greenology

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    Good stuff, let me know your thoughts when you do :)
  6. Ridin' Green

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    I know it's an adjustable air ride seat, but I've never seen one, nor talked to anyone who has one or used one. I wonder just how cushy the ride with it would actually be.

    Better yet, maybe I should get some full coverage insurance on my Deere, then crash it into a tree and buy a Ferris with the insurance money:laugh::drinkup:
  7. greenology

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    You may have already read through that thread.

    I imagine the puffer could be able to give a similar amount of shock absorption as the Gravelys air ride, just without the rubber ISO.

    Ahahaha, just so long as u don't need to take out insurance for yourself at the same time. ;)

    For me the puffer is going to cost a little more with shipping, I might need to have a few :drinkup: before I can get the credit card out of the wallet.
  8. JTLarson

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    The manual has the way to set the belt tension. They actually have you measure the length of the spring & if I remember right it is around 7", but I would look at the diagram to see the points they want you to measure from.
    My friends 61 kicked the belt off when it was new also, but hasn't had it happen since. The belt is at a pretty good angle with the deck in transport position, so I'm not sure if that could contribute to that when you may hit a good bump or not. His belt had a twist in it that may have been the cause.
    As for running out of gas, when they empty a tank it takes some choke & cranking to get started. Must suck the line dry!!
    I never have to use choke to get mine started except in the cold winter months when it sits & I start it once in a while. The briggs has been the easiest starting motor I have had compared to any Kohler or Kawasaki.
    The suspension seat I put on mine did raise me up a few inches. It feels different at first, but you get use to it. I did notice that it affected "floating the deck". Put my leg at an awkward angle & made it where my knee and drive sticks would hit sometimes. I never adjusted the sticks. I put the factory seat back on just to do a comparison. I demoed the Gravely with the air ride seat and it was a nice seat, but the Ferris still rides better.
  9. greenology

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    Hmm I wonder if mine had a twist, im curious though how he knew there was a twist in the belt once it had been kicked off.

    Your right on with the 7" measure, I checked the diagrams etc, will adjust the tension tomorrow morning if it needs it.

    I intend on re-routing the fuel lines, never liked the way they isolate both tanks by a switch, Ill get a 3 way junction to replace the valve. The tanks will drain equally which is much better IMHO

    That's interesting you have had a demo on the gravely & good to hear your thoughts, I never had the opportunity.
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    The Gravely has a wonderful seat, but it's not exactly the feel you would expect. When I first started using the 472 I was thinking the more air involved the better the ride, wrong, I found this best ride was achieved with a very small amount of air pumped into the system.

    There is no mower that will give the better ride of a Ferris in your cutting situation, your properties are a step above what would actually be considered rough.

    Did you check the speeds like I asked with blades off, deck up, blades on, deck up, and then while cutting? This would be interesting information for those of us to see the differences.

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