Ferris 3100 Positives/Negatives

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by greenology, Apr 11, 2013.

  1. Choppin

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    No it's revs up in intervals you have to hit the switch 5 or 6 times to rev it to full speed...
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  2. greenology

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    I can see why you would be annoyed with that, sounds like a pain in the rear end. Guess they feel the need to try different things...
  3. Classic cuts

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    The 37 Kawasaki DFI I think has fly by wire throttle thats why it uses the toggle which is a piece of shitt in my opinion, I have had issues with mine, the computer is attatched to the under side of the throttle body, Ive had to have the whole assembly replaced twice, but it was warranty and the only issue. If u get the 3100 get the biggest engine u can, it works much better with the bigger pumps. Yes the 2013 have no fan pump covers on them.
  4. greenology

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    I was driving along today and noticed our local council was cutting with a Ferris! So I pulled over to have a chat & get his opinion on it. Unfortunately he wasnt pleased at all, it was brand new only 2hrs on it which he had put on this morning. His complaints were the PTO was shutting off on him when cutting into thick grass, it was the is2500, im assuming it has an overheat switch which was playing up. that could be easily sorted im sure.

    What interested me is that he was unhappy with the cut quality! & the point here is he's just cutting grass for council, he doesnt really care too much but he made a point to say it was scalping! So I had a look and took a photo, as bellow!

    I was really disappointed to see, I cant say whether cutting more careful may have helped but anyway please let me know what you guys think!

    terracing ferris.JPG

    terracing ferris.JPG
  5. Classic cuts

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    That does look like ****, however the IS2500 is a diesel in a 2000 frame and it does not handle very good, they are way to light in the front and bounce alot, haven't heard anything good on them. Part could be hid ability to not really know how to cut properly, machine could not be setup correctly from dealer,deck looks like its cutting low to the left side. The Guy couldn't cut a straight line if he had too. I wouldn't put too much into this yard, my 3100s cuts looks night and day as this does even with dull blades
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  6. Ridin' Green

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    Looks like he was doing an "I don't give a chit type job", or he doesn't know whar he's doing. It looks like he did a little sideways sliding too.

    Am I seeing things, or did it leave clumps/windrows like you guys have been having trouble with on your SZ's?
  7. GMLC

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    Im not a fan of the deck moving. To many variables changing that could drastically affect cut quality. That pic looks like shiz!!
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  8. williams lcm

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    I cannot get my new 3100z to scalp. It just won't do it. Any the cut of my (2013) 3100z is so so nice. I am a ferris believer and it is an amazing machine
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  9. Mickhippy

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    Id guess more of a ocdc kinda set up to lessen the liability around cars etc. I know the council guys use ocdc's all the time here on there scags. There always closed unless cutting some really thick stuff.
  10. greenology

    greenology LawnSite Senior Member
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    Yea I did think to myself that the diesel being so heavy would have effected it in some way.

    Your right they certainly dont know how to cut grass, just council workers who dont care about the lawn or the machine. But in saying that he wasnt happy to see the scalping.

    Im still very keen to give the 3100 a good demo. But this was my biggest concern with suspension, "squatting" to either side and giving a bad cut like this. So Im hoping the 3100 is completely different as all are telling me!

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