Ferris 3100Z

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by Efeaganes93, May 25, 2014.

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    Thanks Ridin' Green. Maybe my mower is 2+ years. I believe I had the 30/32 Vanguard to choose from. I asked my repair guy to check on the 36 for my mower. I'm sure he will find out what Ferris/Briggs suggest but he has cautioned me that he has had to make modification on what was suppose to fit in the past so i was hoping I might find real life experience here.

    As I recall Puppypaws suggested the 32 back when I purchased my mower, I just could not find one. Maybe the 36 was about to come out and local dealers were staying silent while clearing old stock?

    One other question. I am trying to figure out how this motor got ruined. I have very steep hills I ride up and down on regularly. Has anyone had trouble with an engine asked to climb steep hills?
  2. puppypaws

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    I am told by Vanguard the engine will exchange with no problems, bolts up to the same pattern, the charging system and wiring harness is the same.

    What happened to the engine?
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    Hi again Puppypaws,

    I'm not sure what happened. It turned off going up my 100yd steep hill, started later and the next day. I checked oil level, looked fine. I thought I had a fuel line/ water in fuel problem. I got my Tractor guy out and he says that it was low on oil and the engine will have to be replaced, grit in oil, seemed clear the day before. Mower want start at all now.

    I may not have wiped the stick or screwed up somehow checking the oil at some point but I have checked it several times fairly recently so I do not understand how it got low that fast. There appears to be a slight drip at the oil filter but not enough to have caused the problem. I had not noticed that it was burning oil either.

    I am starting to consider sabotage. I had problems in the past. Someone stole a Snapper mower years back and somehow a full gallon of water appeared in my tractors gas tank after that.
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    What kind of low oil pressure warning does ferris use? My dixie has a annoying buzzer that goes off if pressure falls.
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    I believe someone set out to damage this engine on purpose, maybe a little sand down the filler tube, it would take very little.

    The 36 will fit right up, you will have more power than you could ever imagine, but the fuel bill will be a little higher as well.
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    I don't think the Vanguard 30 has any warning light, sound etc. I never saw any kind of warning signal.

    It is unfortunate that I might have reason to suspect sabotage. We seem to be living in a society where troubled teenagers may consider mass murder reasonable retribution for personal issues with their piers. Draining a little oil or placing some sand in an expensive mower is not inconceivable in such a world. Sometimes it seems the harder one tries to please a large number of people the more certain it becomes that some person or persons will take strong exception. Abe was right, "you can't please all the people all the time."
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    If you do make the change, let us all know how it goes, and also how you like it.

    Before you do though, it might be worth an oil & filter change and/or a second opinion just to make sure it is really using oil and/or damaged.

    I wouldn't be surprised at all if someone had simply used a suction tube and removed some oil. Drain it into a bottle and you'd never know anything had happened or been done to it until the engine seized up on you. since there's be no sand around the tube, nor any oil spilled on anything.

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