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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Wade, Mar 21, 2001.

  1. Wade

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    Through the assistance of this forum I have definately decided a 48" deck will more practical for my application than the 44" I was considering. I hate to open up this next can of worms, but I want to be sure I have covered all the options. I have yet to see first hand the new Ferris 1000Z ZTR. The local dealer expects a new shipment in the next week or so. He has quoted me a price of $5,650 with the 48" 21Kaw engine. The Exmark with the 48" and 21 Kaw is about $300 more. If I knew for sure the Exmark was a much better mower I wouldn't hesitate spending the extra money and getting it. The Exmark dealer is about 20 miles closer to me. Has anyone had experience with the Ferris 1000Z and make any direct comparison between the two? I know that the Exmark is a quality machine. Thanks for any help. Wade
  2. BigEd

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    The Exmark is a proven machine.That $300 is getting you a proven machine that has been around,and the dealer is closer which means alot after time.

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