Ferris 5100 vs. 3100 - Weight Issue

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by Dovelyn Farm, Sep 26, 2012.

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    With the great help from everyone on this forum I have narrowed my next 72" deck zero turn to a Ferris 5100 with the Cat Diesel or their 3100 with the 36HP Vanguard. The dry weight difference is 2200 pounds vs. 1400. I would much prefer to go diesel because we have a diesel tank on the farm and the pain of hauling gas cans is eliminated. However I am concerned that the much higher weight of the 5100 will create ruts in the yard when the soil is damp as it has essentially the same size tires as the lower weight 3100. We currently cut with a 72" Dixie Chopper, weight 1300 lbs. and have not had a rutting problem in all types of soil conditions.

    Has anyone used a 5100 shortly after a rain in clay type soils and had a problem with rutting? Does the extra 800 pounds have any other significant effects like slower to maneuver, etc.

    Would really appreciate anyones insight on this decision.
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  2. Dovelyn Farm

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    Is anyone using a Ferris 5100 and has the weight been an issue for you?
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    The only plus I see for the 5100 is cool factor. Whats the point? You dont need 1 ton of mower for a 72" deck. They are so huge they dwarf their own deck, even the 72. Pointless, but still cool. Would it be sooo hard for them to fashion an 84 inch deck with 4 21" blades?

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