Ferris 52" IS2000Z, which one: KAW FX730V 22.5HP or B&S Turf 28HP?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by hdlawn, Apr 5, 2012.

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    Honestly for 30 hours a year the Briggs will work just fine. You are putting no hours on that at all. Just keep the oil/filter changed once a year and you will be good for years.

    Does the leftover machine with the FX730 have the iCD deck on it? The 730 was rated at 26HP before the change. Its more than enough power.

    I would say if you want the latest and greatest get the Briggs. If you feel better about a more commercial engine and dont mind the leftover machine go with the FX730 machine.

    We sell Ferris but most of our Ferris customers are homeowners buying large mowers and for them the Briggs is a good choice. I am not a fan of selling them to a commercial guy but on the other hand I can sell the 30HP Briggs Cyclonic for about $1000. Blow one up, put another one on cheap. A 30-36HP Vanguard would run about $2500.
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    The plan now is a brand new Ferris 52" IS2000 with KAW FX801V, its overkill for my application but I like that.

    If a lower level model had the independent front suspension I would go that route, but the IS2000 is the lowest model with this feature. I wish Ferris implemented independent front suspension on all their models.

    I expect to pickup the ZT mower in a week, so I have until then to make any changes.

    I appreciate the comments.
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    You should move up to the IS3100 and get independent rear suspension ;)

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