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Ferris 61" owners -- mulching blades, report

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by LwnmwrMan22, Jun 2, 2004.

  1. LwnmwrMan22

    LwnmwrMan22 LawnSite Platinum Member
    Messages: 4,373

    I stumbled across a solution this week in tall wet grass, where the stock blades would leave 10lb balls of cut grass before.

    I've got a bad spindle right now, trying to get my back-up mower going before I can take this one into the shop.

    Anyways on my 61" Ferris, I have to run 2 washers on TOP of two of the blades to get the same height right now as the "driver-side" blade. My dealer didn't have some standard blades, but did have some mulching blades, the wavey ones, not gator mulchers, not just a straight blade.

    I decided to give them a shot and they worked marvels against the clumping, hardly none at all and a nice smooth cut.

    Don't know if it's the blades, which I'm sure it is, or if it's the fact that I dropped that blade down an extra 1/4-1/3" with the washer in the deck housing, therefore giving the blade more room to chop the grass up, and not just pushing it into clumps because there's not enough room for the "teeth" on the mulching blade to work.

    Just wanted to throw this out there for you guys... I was to the point this spring after some wet mowing to haul my Ferris' to the dump, but now I'm just going to run the wavey-mulchers when it's wet out.
  2. Tonyr

    Tonyr LawnSite Bronze Member
    Messages: 1,973

    Let us know how they go in all your conditions please.

    Heard some good things about these wavy style blades, one called "Raptor" I just ordered this morning, should get it in a week.

    I'll be seeing what they do run in a 60'' Toro turbo force deck, side discharging and playing with the adjustable flow baffle, I can get atomics (similar to gator) to disharge smaller than usual clippings, but no good in heavy or damp grass, these Raptors just could be as good or better.

    If I get energetic enough I'd try them as a mulch blade too, which is obviously what they are lol. only installing the mulch kit is a pain....:)

    Thanks for your post mate, hope you get lots of feedback.
  3. rodfather

    rodfather LawnSite Fanatic
    Messages: 9,501

    I assume you are talking about a WB with a 23 hp Kawi. I have 5 Ferris WB's (52's and 61's) and always run them with all 5 washers between the top of the blade and deck.
  4. LwnmwrMan22

    LwnmwrMan22 LawnSite Platinum Member
    Messages: 4,373

    rodfather -

    No, I'm talking a Ferris IS4000, with a 27 hp Kawi

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