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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by FLYonWALL9, Jun 11, 2005.

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    I have a couple customers that are wanting me to bag (big pain in the .......) I was told that the bagger wasn't out yet for my Ferris 1500 44", so do you guys think the metal catchers are a good choice or just what should I do. I do have an Ariens 21 that is great and has a killer cut but would take forever. Also, the mulch kits aren't out yet. I didn't know the 44 being new had such poor support at this time. So, does this look like a good deal and do they work good?

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    I Would Contact Your Dealer, The Other Day I Called Ferris For Other Accessories And Asked My Rep. If The Bag Kits For The 1500 Was Available An He Sead Yes And Asked How Many I Wonted. For The 44'' The Part # For The Bag Should Be 5600001 An Sug. Price Of 1799.00 But Contact Your Dealer Me May Have Freight On Top Of That.also The Mulch Kit Should Be Available By Now My Sheets Showed Available Late May, He Would Be Able To Contact Ferris An See. Just To Add I Wouldnt Call It Bad Support They Have Parts Available If You Were To Have A Break Down, Accessories Normaly Do Take Time And Ferris Did Introduce Alot Of Stuff This Year.

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