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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Heller Landscaping, Aug 21, 2002.

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    I am in the market for a new ferris w/b next spring. I was thinking about a belt drive but some said that they slip when wet. I was allso told that belt were not good with vulkies. Please help I don't know what to go with a belt or hydro.
  2. lawnkid

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    I know Ferris makes an excellent line of mowers for a fact. All belt mowers slip when it's wet not like a hydro thaty uses hydraulic fluid to maneuver. IMO I think you should get their HydroWalk DD. I knnow 2 LCO's who have them in my area and they love them to death. I would definitely go for the hydro though if you have the money.
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    I own belt drive mowers. A toro and i had a lesco. Ive used an exmark belt and ferris belt daily before. Not once have the belts slipped when mowing. If belt tension is right it is really hard to have the belts slip. Some people generalize that belts will slip in the rain but hasnt happened here. I also mowed in the rain on numerous occasions. Even if a belt did slip, push the machine forward and pop it back on not that big of a deal. I will say if you have the money go with a hydro mower. I have heard good things about ferris's sd and not so good things about there dd from this site, do a search.
    Benefits of hydro are instant reverse, easier maneuvering (sp?) in tight spots and some pistol grips are easier to squeeze as a hydro than their gear brother. Also you will never have to worry about those belts slipping.
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    I have a Ferris 48" belt w/14hp kaw., and it runs flawless. I'am in the 250lb range and it pulls me up hills on a 2 wheel sulky in the rain no problems- You have to watch to belt adjustment and the wear on the belts. I have used my buddies Ferris w/belts it slipped all the time with the same sulky attached. The wheel pully was worn and out of round (from running bad belts for a long time). Relpaced the pully and belts --Bam--good as new!

    If your question is to buy a Ferris mower, I would tell you they are very well built- go for it.

    If you can afford a hydro do it and never worry if the belt drive will do the job you ask it to-

    just my 2 cents

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