Ferris Comfort Control DD Any problems???

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by mx495, Mar 1, 2011.

  1. mx495

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    When they first came out they had some issues with deck alignment and uneven cutting because of the crank adjustment. Getting ready to buy new walk behinds and am worried about issues with more moving parts on the newer design. Wasn't much to go wrong on the old decks. Anyone with considerable hours on them having any problems? Thanks
  2. gasracer

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    I have a 08 DD and haven't had any issues with it other than the bearings going bad in the idler pulleys on the deck. I measure my deck every season.
  3. CriderLawn09

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    same here i have six ferris walkbehinds and the only problem i have is my 61inch 09 model doesnt have the cut quality of the 52inch mowers we have and it tends to scalp a liitle bit but they r rock solid machines the newer ones run just as good as the older ones but i love all of mine!
  4. CriderLawn09

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    o and the comfart control wear it senses ur hands on the pistol grips doesnt wrok worth a **** i had all mine switched back to the old style and the dealer didnt chrge me for it and the newest ones dont have the sensor grips anymore they have the presence levers on them but they r alot more formed to the grips so it doesnt hurt your hands lik the old ones do my 2010 52inch has the new style and its great!! very comfortable!!!

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