Ferris cutting off with pto


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Hello everyone need a little help. Mower runs fine until I engage the PTO. All safety switches have been bypassed. Seat sticks etc. checked the PTO switch that passed. Any idea what else


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Need more info if you want help.

What model ferris? How old?
What changed right before the problem started?
My Ferris is3200 uses "switched" plugs on the safety switches so just disconnecting and shorting them isn't enough to bypass.

It sounds like a safety switch problem.

Try reconnecting all of them, if the problem goes away then you know one of your jumpers likely failed.

Here's my old thread trying to figure out the safety switches on my Ferris.
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What's it do when you engage the PTO? Die instantly like flipping a switch or sputter and die?

Could just be a weak battery, could be a chaffed wire. So simple to swap out the PTO switch I'd do that even if it did "pass"

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