Ferris DD 52 inch 25 Kawa walk behind????????

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by CTmower, Oct 25, 2007.

  1. CTmower

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    from CT
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    Just wondering if anyone knows where to get one of these now a days. It seems like the only ones i can find now are with the new adjustable deck. Maybe its just that i cant get use to the new style but i just really like the older style better. If anyone knows anywhere or anyone with one id definitely make a offer. thanks
  2. touhey33

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    why wouldn't you want the adjustable deck. The new design seems better. check out the Online tradeshow, they have a feature on them.
  3. jsaunders

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    I thought Ferris 52DD was 23hp not 25. I have 2 -52 DD but they have 17/15 hp -through a new large engine and you have a new w/b(taking offers) - I really like the new adjustable deck- I don't like some of the controls but a couple of minutes with a sawzall will fix any problems:usflag:

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