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    In light of a recent opportunity that came my way, we've decided to sell some of our equipment. First on the block is our '09 Ferris Evolution. It has a 27hp Kaw and 48" deck. It's in nearly new condition with less than 45 hours. It has all of the updates that Ferris provided as improvements were made in 2010 - mainly the smoother operating control stick cables, gusseted muffler, and improved mounting method for the knee/leg pads.

    As a guy with a messed up back, this mower was a real blessing on the few properties we had that were rough and bumpy, which is primarily why we bought it. With another job opportunity that I can't pass up, we chose not to pursue the mowing accounts this season.

    Included is an aluminum Accelerator grass catcher and 2nd set of blades.

    Asking $5500. Please PM if interested.



  2. Turf-Pro

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    what about shipping - are you will to assist?

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    Depending on the cost and terms, possibly. I'm not very experienced with shipping an item like this, but I'm learning a few things as a couple other folks are asking the same question.

    Coincidentally though, we are planning a trip to see relatives near Ashville, NC in the next couple weeks which is about halfway between us. If you are a serious buyer (meaning make a deposit) we would be willing to bring the Evolution with us and meet you halfway.

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    Weekend bump...
  5. markh1

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    i am in youngstown how far away are you from me?

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    North Lewisburg is about 30 miles North West of Columbus. Google maps is showing it to be about 3.5 hours from Youngstown.
  7. Schrock Lawns

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    thats a lot of hp for a 48

    HISnHERS LawnSite Member
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    Agreed. Probably overkill... but that's better than underkill I guess.

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    First nice weekend of the season bump....
  10. atasteofnature

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    If we could get my brother in law's walker sold, he would probably be all over this. Hope it is still around when he sells his.

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