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Ferris: Good or Bad?


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Clinton, NJ
We've had over 20 of them during the past 12 years. They are extremely reliable machines. Those who know me here on LS will tell you I am their biggest fan of Ferris. Right now we have 7 Ferris WB's and Z's.

Leroy's Lawns

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Had a Ferris Hydro Cut I think it was called and not that impressed. Thing only had one hydro pump, to tell you ther truth I didn't realize that when I bought it, just thought wow gettting a great deal on a hydro. Dealer ordered it.

Well that first day we sure missed having that second pump, LOL, machine went back for a trade real quick.

Seemed tough and durable though.


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i had a ferris belt driven walkbehind loved that mower. Had no complaints on that machine other than the kawasaki engine was nearing death. Mower made me a lot of money and had to put little back into it. I'd buy another ferris if i didn't get a sweet deal on my scag now. Good luck with the ferris i'm sure you will love it.



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Greensboro NC
I like ferris wheels, but I get scared when they stop when Im way up high.