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Ferris hydro resovoirs?

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I was out getting the mowers ready for another season, and was checking the ferris hydro oil level in those 2 little cup resovoirs, right behind the gas tank. they had dirt and crap all over them! That was a horrible spot to mount these things? Any ferris DD owner will know what Im talking about. I had to be very careful not to get any crap in the cups when opening it up, and I did clean them off good before opening, but you cant get it all.
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If you got some dirt down in that oil I recommend that you change it before you start the mower up. There is a filter on there but it's usually a high micron filter, around 40, and it does not get all of the dirt.

I rarely check the hydro oil, maybe once a year, in my Dixie and dirt contamination is the very reason. If you don't see oil leaking out of the hydro system somewhere then there is no reason to check it. The only place the hydro oil can go is out of a leak and if you don't see a leak then it has nowhere to go.

A lot of owner's manuals recommend against checking the hydro oil often for this very reason.
The oil got cold and contracted. Start the mower up and run it around the yard a few times and the oil level will be back up. Remember, those are just reserve resevoirs. The mower doesn't use that oil to operate the hydro system. If the cups were almost empty then I'd worrry about it.
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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