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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by ScottieTooHottie, Sep 18, 2008.

  1. ScottieTooHottie

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    I'm going to be partnering up with a good friend of mine who has a small lawn business. He's got a 60" John Deere 757 Z-Trak and I'm in the market for a 32" walk-behind. I've been looking at mowers on the internet for quite a while and have been out to demo a few mowers. So far my favorite has been the Ferris 32" HydroCut.

    I did a search on here and found a little bit of information but I was more interested in hearing from those who own one of these things. Good, bad?

  2. milkie62

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    I do not own one but demo'ed one for a couple of days.Now my other walkbehind is a Toro 44" belt drive.I wanted a 32 or 36" to speed up my small lawns where I use a 21".I have some hills so I was more interested in a dual hydro but tried it anyways.The width was perfect over the 44" in smaller areas but on the hills it was just as bad as a belt drive IMO.If you are mowing mostly flat areas it is a nice mower.But I guess if you think you will ever have side hills and such there is no substitute for a dual hydro machine.Come spring I will be getting one of the BETTER 36" dual hydros because of price and what everyone has said here and doing away with the middleman really brings the price down.But ferris has 0% for 36 mos which helps with the money part.I have a ferris IS3100z and love it.
  3. muskiejk

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    Ive had mine for yr. Low maintainance,cuts great most times,easy operation my son uses it. streaking at times. Im changing to mulcing blades let you know how i make out good luck
  4. jkilov

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    Pros: Cheap to own, very reliable, cuts nice, fast height adjustment, simple mulch kit.

    Cons: Heavy and long compared to others, wears your thumbs when used for hours, rubbish on hills (deck pulls downhill).

    For limited use it's fine, but dual hydro is the way to go. If they made one for an $800 option I would'nt hesitate to trade mine in. Spend some extra cash now and make life easier.

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