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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by TXLAWNBOY, Dec 2, 2005.


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    I was looking for feedback on the Ferris Hydrocut 36" from anyone who has bought one or demoed. Keep in mind I mainly am interested in this unit to use as a residential unit on my 1/3 to 1/2 acre lots in town. How well do they mulch, quality of cut, ease of use, etc.

    Thanks for your imput.

  2. Drew Gemma

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    mulch is better than most cause their are only 2 blades less blades less air gaps. cut is awesome the machine is awesome. Everything on it is gold. Only 2 things I hated which caused me to say screw it. 1 the saftey switches on the grips cheap plastic. 2 hydro unit I can't work that thing worth a crap becasue you have to use leverage.
  3. Richard Martin

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    The mower works great on flat land but it is awful on any kind of hill. It takes a lot of effort on a hill to keep it going straight. The front end of the mower is extremely light and pops right up when trying to go up a hill. You also cannot use any kind of suky behind it since there is no way to steer the mower. On the plus side it will leave a better cut than the Exmark Metro that I used to have. It also has a great height adjustment system, the best I've ever seen by far.

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    Thanks for the replies guys, keep them coming.

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