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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by stryper, Mar 17, 2006.

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    Does anyone have any experience with these? My dealer was raving about them, basically said they were so popular they were flying off the shelves. But I've never seen one in use.

    Along the same lines, he also carries the Simplicity version, which doesn't look to be quite as heavy duty, deck wise, but does have the built in striping roller.

    I know both Ferris and Simplicity build fine machines for their intended uses, but don't know anything about these particular models. I'm primarily interested in picking up a trim mower for residential use, aprox. 2 acres, with some slope involved. (Not sure how to measure it, but there isa significant "pucker factor" on my Simplicity tractor.) The Ferris has a 13 horse Kawasaki engine, and the Simplicity has a 15 horse Briggs. Both are single hydros. I'm not too particular about brand name, but I would like to get several years out of the machine. Also, the Simplicity is going for about a thousand dollars less than the Ferris.

    So, I would appreciate any input, especially concerning ease of use and service, durability, quality of cut...you know, the kind of things you guys would know that your average homeowner would not.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Richard Martin

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    I have the Ferris SD36. As far as quality of cut goes it is second to none including Exmark. The timed blades leave a great looking cut. I had an Exmark 36 prior to the Ferris.

    Durability I really cannot speak about yet. Although I've had the mower for a year now it still doesn't even have 50 hours on it.

    For ease of use I'd have to rate it poor. The problem is you have to man handle the mower since it has no way to steer it, not even brakes. If you're working on perfectly flat ground it's not bad to turn and keep it going straight. As you as you start to use on any, and I do mean any, kind of slope the hard to handle factor goes up and keeps going up the steeper the slope gets. I bought mine thinking it would be like the 1990 Ferris SD36 I used to own. It is nothing like the old mower. The old mower came with disc brakes on each wheel and was pretty easy to use.

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